Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Join the award winning slimming program by Ayurmana and lose weight in just 4 weeks

Food has always been a part of my life. Since my childhood, my eating habits were particularly disturbing, and as a result, it started to reflect on my weight. I did not pay attention during my growing years, unless I began to realise that it was becoming troublesome for me to walk or run. Being a pampered child, I was never said ‘no’ to anything. Henceforth, I made no restrictions on my diet and did not get indulge in any sort of physical activities. The real issue started during my professional years.

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, which was actually induced due to my excess body weight. I am in my early 30’s and is already advised to follow a strict regimen that can reduce my weight as well as my cholesterol level, but somehow, it did not work in favour of me. Other issues started to arise like, breathing issues, high blood pressure and even sleep apnea. My visit to the doctor became frequent, but his suggestions were not likely favoured by my body. With the excess weight, it became difficult to do my day to day chores and deliver work up to the expectations of my manager.

Finding no other solution, I thought to handle the matter by myself. After a thorough search on the internet, I came across Ayurmana, an Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala, which specialises in removing body fats in just 4 weeks! This sounds pretty good to me and I was excited to visit the place. Before calling them up, I went through the Ayurmana reviews which further provided me with stronger grounds to visit this place immediately. Many customers praised their unique treatment program that is fully ayurvedic in nature. Though sceptical at first, I thought to give it a try.

My overall journey 

Upon reaching the railway station, I was ushered to Dharmagiri by a friendly and cordial driver. I was surprised to see the mesmerising beauty of Ayurmana. The calm and composed atmosphere brings the utmost peace in mind and soul. Ayurmana, the Centre for Advanced Healing is located at the eternally peaceful and serene hillock of Dharmagiri that overlooked green topped highlands. Spreading across 2 acres of land with scenic hill country and lush garden landscape, you can see the coexistence of humans and flora in a perfect environment. This entire ambience offers a unique experience of healing at this finest Ayurvedic Hospital in India.

This exclusive Ayurvedic hospital, India is run by Dharma Ayurveda. Located at a healing serene ambience on a hillock, this centre offers congenial surroundings that strengthen the cures for the most revered and timeless healing tradition. The entire treatment works like a magic on your body, mind and soul. However, once I reached my cottage, I was allowed to take rest for a bit. Next, I was introduced to my therapist, who was a young lady. We had a good chat for almost an hour, and she learnt about the problems that I am facing in everyday life.

After a proper conversation, she designed a proper treatment program for my obesity. She assured me that will face results in just a month if do not miss any of the treatment session. There was no point of missing any of the sessions as I was generally informed what to do and where to go before the start of my session class. My day started with meditation and yoga, which was very painful at the beginning. I could not stretch my hands and legs, and suffer from severe pain after the classes. But with daily practice, the mobility and flexibility increased. 

Furthermore, I was suggested to do light exercise and received herbal supplements as medicines. Obesity cannot be treated with medicines, it only requires a strict change in the diet plans and proper exercise to shed all the excess fat I have gained for the past 30 years. There was a proper change in my diet as well. I gave up all the meat products and was stuck to vegetarian foods that are rich in fibres and roughage. Ayurmana’s cuisine was delicious, and the fibre rich foods kept me full all day long. It curbed the habit of overeating, and I began to see noticeable changes in my overall body.

This was indeed surprising! I already knew Ayurmana has an award-winning slimming program that involves a weight-loss plan, probably the fastest weight loss that is completely based on natural ayurvedic treatment. This comprehensive weight loss program is designed in such a way so that you can succeed at a given time period. In the process of achieving my goal, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my physical and mental health. There was a boost in my energy levels, the shortness of breath reduced, my cholesterol levels greatly improved, making me appear fit and healthy.

What I noticed is that Ayurmana’s weight loss program is that it follows a unique approach of breaking the “feed forward” mechanism that deals with - the more fattening foods you consume, the more you crave for the same. This incredible ayurvedic treatment simply keeps you full with all the nutritious and fibre rich diets- the process which you are going to enjoy. I soon realised that I can be fit and healthy without actually starving myself.

I recommend Ayurmana to each and everyone who are facing similar issues. Join their program and see the result by yourself.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ayurmana- The Place where Healers Specialise in Treating Arthritis

Arthritis is one such condition that worsens with age. More than 10 million cases are seen per year. Sadly, I became a sufferer of arthritis as well. I am in my early 50s, and the signs started when I was in my 40s. I have been under medications for the last 8 years, but cannot see any improvement. The early signs were not painful. As my age and the condition progressed, I started facing joint pain, stiffness, and finally stopped the normal functioning of my hands and legs. After regular visiting my doctor and physiotherapist, I regained the mobility of my body parts, but did not heal permanently. I face a lot of trouble while walking down the stairs, stiffness in the joints in the morning, inability to use my hand and more.

A brief introduction to my problem 

As per my doctor, I was suffering from Osteoarthritis. In this case, it primarily affects the joints, causing it to swell. Then, there came a time when I thought to end this pain permanently. With this motive in mind, I started looking for hospitals and care centres that specialise in treating Osteoarthritis. Somehow, I manage to come across Ayurmana, which is claimed to be the best Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala. I have been always sceptical about Ayurvedic treatments, so I thought to give it a try.

Ayurmana and its ambience 

On going through the Ayurmana reviews, I understood that there are many who have received positive results in the end. Without much ado, I contacted them, booked flight tickets and flew down to Thiruvananthapuram. Once I reached, I was welcomed by a cordial and friendly driver, who took me to Dharmagiri. As I am a Delhi-based salesman, I was pretty much exhausted with the four-hour flight journey. However, Dharmagiri is one of the best things that I have seen till date. It is beautiful and eternally serene and takes you to a whole new world. Located atop the hillock of Dharmagiri, Ayurmana Centre for Advanced Healing brings you to a land which has lush garden landscape.

The quiet ambience and the coexistence of humans and plants makes this a perfect healing spot. As the dawn breaks, the morning breeze and the chirping birds awaken all the senses and attune your body with Mother Nature. After I reached there, I was introduced to my therapist. She was an old lady, who sat with me for almost an hour, understanding my pain and problems. After a quick examination of my knee joints and hand joints, she designed my entire treatment plan. The first thing I was supposed to do is take up yoga classes and meditation sessions.
The regimen I followed

From the very next day, I started my day with yoga, and this rejuvenated my mind and soul. I learnt that yoga helps to channelise the healing powers to flow through the body which helps to speed up the healing process. During my initial days, it was quite tough for me to move my hands and legs, but as the days progress, I became faster and flexible. It was not just yoga that helped me to achieve this. I was introduced to other therapists and masters who were skilled in providing massage. These sessions in Ayurmana were quite relaxing as it relieved all my pain from the body.

From applying therapeutic oils to essential oils, the healers tried everything to soothe the pain. The results started to show after three weeks of treatment. The first symptom which I noticed that the stiffness in the joints reduced to a great extent, followed by striking pain. I got control over the pain and observed noticeable changes in my mobility. Walking and running was no more a trouble for me. And, with regular yoga practice, I became mentally and physically strong.

Besides these sessions, I was also given oral medications, which were completely herbal based. The healers of Ayurmana make use of formulations that are extracted from plants and carefully they are prepared into herbal medicines and supplements. However, in my case, I received a customised treatment. To reduce the swelling of the joints, a rare medicinal preparation was made infused with the prayers of healers.

There was yet another interesting feature of Ayurmana. Dharmagiri serves vegetarian cuisine to everyone. Customised foods are made for patients who are not allowed to consume some of the vegetables. But, overall, light and easy-to-digest foods are given to every guest, though slight changes are made in the diet as per physician recommendations. I stayed in Dharmagiri for 8 weeks and the result is promising.
How do I feel after the treatment? 

The entire treatment worked like a magic! After returning to Delhi, I continued with my yoga practice. The best part is, at Ayurmana you get treated like a family member. They take care of each and every issue and see to it that the issues do not arise after a month. Presently, I am involved with my regular job and do go for a jog every morning. There was a time when it took several minutes to get out of bed due to the pain and struggle. But, Ayurmana has transformed me physically and mentally. I will suggest Ayurmana to each and everyone out there who is facing similar struggle. Before going to this Advanced Healing Center, go through the Ayurmana reviews as it will give you much stronger ground to visit this place.