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Defeat Lifestyle Ailments by Visiting Ayurmana

Hello everyone. My name is Saurav Lal and I am a person who used to suffer from a host of lifestyle ailments. My life was a story of pain, misery and dissatisfaction and I badly needed some help. Today I intend to tell you regarding how ayurvedic treatment helped me gain amazing rejuvenation in my life. This ancient science is a treasure trove of helpful treatments and remedies. I sincerely believe that ayurvedic remedies can bring a massive improvement in the lives of others too. Read on to know about my experience in Kerala’s Ayurmana, which is the best Ayurveda clinic in my opinion. It can inspire you to get the help you need.


My Story and What Led to the Ayurmana Visit


I have lived in Ahmedabad my entire life and belong to a middle-class family. Since childhood I have lived an active life, playing sports and running around with my friends. But that all changed after I graduated engineering and joined a job. My responsibilities for this profession demanded me to be at many different places, at many different times. My entire time was dedicated to the physical and mental demands of my job role. Eventually, this took a toll on my wellbeing.

Two years into my career, I changed my job and went to a newer organization. Although I would be getting paid a lot more money, the demands of effort required on my part were even higher. It became very difficult for me to find any breathing space. Spending time with my wife and parents was also next to impossible. There were days when I could not eat on time, once again owing to tremendous work pressure. I was disillusioned with life and needed a much-deserved boost.

Something happened which compelled me to address the situation of my life seriously. I fainted at an engineering job site and had to be carried to the hospital by my colleagues. This was the last straw. I took some leaves and went back to Ahmedabad for resting at my home. Everyone in my family was worried. I was very sad to see tears rolling down my mother’s cheeks. I had to find a way and I was desperate.

My friend Gulshan visited me one morning. He suggested that I go down to the Ayurmana clinic if I want to truly heal. After he left, me and my wife did some research on the clinic and the services it offers. Every Ayuramana review I read on the Internet was from happy people who witnessed the transformative power of Ayurveda. I found some treatments specifically designed for my type of lifestyle ailments. So I immediately called their helpline, checked out their website, and booked my stay for a few weeks. The next Monday, me and my wife were on our way to the airport.


How Ayurmana Made a Difference in My Life


Energy levels became higher — One of the main problems I used to face due to my hectic schedules was fatigue. There were days where I would not feel like getting off from the bed. At Ayurmana, ayurvedic doctors taught me the art of deep, rhythmic breathing and meditation. The yoga sessions there helped me to learn how I should manage and preserve my energy. The two weeks I spent breathing the fresh air there also helped to refuel my energy levels greatly.

My immunity improved — Bad immunity was one of the other symptoms that had damaged my once healthy body. This had happened due to diet irregularity, lack of proper food, and lack of rest. After an analysis of my health condition by Ayurmana’s experts, the verdict was that I needed a detox badly. The detox was made possible through consumption of healthy and organic food and taking specialised ayurvedic potions that cleansed my body from within. After two weeks of such a lifestyle, I witnessed that I felt a lot stronger and rejuvenated. Problems of acidity and frequent indigestion also went away.

I look visibly younger — One of the benefits that I didn’t really expect was to come out of the Ayurmana ashram feeling and even looking a lot younger. But that is exactly what happened and I could not be more grateful to the wonderful doctors there. It turns out that living a healthy, clean and balanced life can make tremendous improvements to tired skin tone, hair quality, and overall appearance. I was also feeling younger and more alive, which brought a smile to my face. Everything I read in those wonderful Ayurmana reviews was being experienced by me firsthand. I and my spouse could not be any happier.

My nervous system improved — A problem that I considered to be an occupational hazard was jittery nerves. That came with the job profile I thought, and I was at several points quite close to near nervous breakdowns. Two weeks of yoga, lifestyle changes, healthy eating, and specific treatments calmed my nerves down. I took the time to just sit in complete inner peace and appreciate the simple beauty of life. I learnt exercises to calm my nerves and stay grounded at moments of stress and worry.

Body aches were gone — My difficult schedules and high level of effort gave me a lot of aching sensations in my body. My joints, muscles, and bones practically ached. During my time at Ayurmana, I was told that many of my problems were due to my bad posture habits. I learned how to posture myself properly following the advice of the doctors. The organic lifestyle and clean air also helped to get me rid of all pain in my body.

These are just some of the benefits that I experienced following my visit to Ayurmana in Kerala. It was really an experience that changed my life for the better. In fact, I had never felt as fresh and rejuvenated since the time I was a free-spirited child. I was also glad to see the smile come back to the faces of my family members. This inspired me not to give up, but get back into the fray with my job responsibilities. I recommend Ayurmana for every person facing difficulties like me.

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