Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Life after Eczema, Thanks to Ayurmana!

I have been suffering from eczema since childhood. For those who don’t know what eczema is, it is a very painful skin condition. I had dry, very itchy patches on my skin that first began to appear on my hands and gradually, extended to my neck and even face. Sometimes, the itching would be so severe that I would constantly have to scratch my skin, leading to bleeding. As I grew up and hit my adolescent years, the condition flared up and I felt like I had been suffering for a lifetime. I am a 3rd year student today and nothing has changed. Over the years, I went to several dermatologists and doctors. There were few who bluntly told me that nothing will stop or cure me of eczema and I would have to manage living off of Zyrtec during the day, antihistamines during the night and steroidal creams throughout. The doctor’s words cut me like a hundred blades and I could literally picture my whole life right then and there. To prove the doctors wrong, I even tried out very expensive lotions, soaps, teas, bath salts and detox kits that promised to rid me of this painful skin conditions, but nothing worked. I felt utterly hopeless. But, I knew that was not the life that I wanted for myself. 

The drugs and creams only offered me temporary relief. Also, the drugs that were prescribed to me had insane side effects. They made me depressed, irritable, cranky and listlessness. When the effect of the drugs would wear off, I would go into an out-of-control body scratching mode. I was scared and so was everyone around me. Even though I was desperately searching for a cure, it seemed to me like this was an unwinnable battle. But, thankfully, before I completely resigned to my cursed life, a professor at my college told me about Ayurmana Healing Center in Kerala. I Googled and came across their website. I did not immediately want to get my hopes up and took my time to go through their website and also researched about ancient curative remedies and methods mentioned on their site. I even went through a couple of Ayurmana reviews and all of them were very positive and encouraging. So, I decided to try the ancient healing techniques or Ayurvedic treatments myself and immediately set off for Ayurmana clinic with my mother. 

Ayurmana Filled me Up with Hopes 

I can say with a lot of conviction that coming to Ayurmana was the best decision of my life and the clinic was exactly as described in the Ayurnama review. Set amidst lush green, I felt so much calm and serenity. It was like half of my problems were solved. This belief became stronger when I met the Dr. Jayaprakash and his team of trained Ayurvedic physicians and the always smiling, cordial and friendly staff members. They made my mother and me feel utterly comfortable in the new environment and even gave us a little tour of the place. Once I was properly settled in, a physician came to me and very patiently listened to my problems and asked me about the treatments that I tried before, as well as, the lifestyle and diet that I follow. My physician immediately asked me to restrict the times I took prescribed drugs that made me feel woozy and not myself. Even though I was a bit hesitant, I decided to follow his instructions anyway. By the end of the first day, I was brimming with hope that I no longer have to hide my hands, neck and face out of embarrassment and can truly live life like any normal 21-year old girl. 

And Begins my Treatment at Ayurmana 

From the 2nd day onwards, my treatment began. My physician, an experienced lady, provided me with a detailed breakdown of my treatment plan, which was customized according to my diet, lifestyle and medical history, and took into account my unique body constitution. She handed me with a diet chart that I had to follow because as per Ayurveda, food plays an integral role in determining health and well-being. According to the Ayurnama reviews that I had read, I knew that I was in safe hands. While my mother was allowed to eat outside food, she insisted on eating the food cooked in the kitchen of the Ayurnama clinic. And I am not exaggerating, the food at the clinic was simply awesome. It tasted so fresh and delicious that following a diet of light, dry and warm food seemed heavenly. 

Besides a special diet, my treatment plan included some herbal supplements and therapeutic massages with special oils. The massage sessions not only nourished my skin, but also reduced stress. The doctor who was treating me also suggested corrective herbs that were easily found in Ayurmana’s Dharmagiri that worked almost instantly. 

The Results Started Showing within Two Weeks

I started feeling much better within just 2 weeks of starting treatment at Ayurnama. I could judge my progress from the frequency of tropical steroid and antihistamine use. I went from using them only twice a day to every other day. After coming back from the clinic, I used then only for a few days in the first month and after that, I completely stopped taking those drugs. Even my flare-ups started becoming further apart and now, they are practically negligible. The best part is, I am able to attend my classes at college without having to feel embarrassed or spend my time scratching myself in some corner of the class. The entire time my treatment was going on, I felt like I was on a vacation with my mother and before I knew it, I was fine and could finally bid adieu to those painful days. I would personally recommend Ayurnama to everyone facing similar issues as me. I can guarantee that you will go back home from this clinic with a radiant glow on your face and fully de-stressed and rejuvenated.


  1. It was lovely reading this article. Be Blessed! Stay Healthy!

  2. Your recovery process through Ayurveda is a ray of hope for many people. Loved reading it. Stay healthy!

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