Saturday, October 6, 2018

How My Lifestyle Changed after Coming in Contact with Ayurmana

No person in this world is perfectly fit and is suffering from something or the other. I am no exception to this. I have been suffering from joint pain for four years. Ever since my delivery, my joints have become weak, and I constantly keep on suffering from one thing or another. To get relief from the incessant pain, I have tried several doctors and physicians, but in vain. In fact, the pain I had to endure was becoming unbearable. At that point of time, a friend of mine suggested about going to Ayurmana. Since no doctor could give me the desired result and my movement had been restricted to a minimal state, I decided to give it a try. It was very frustrating for me to be wheelchair bound or bed bound for the most part of the day.

The one who had suggested to me about the place had gone there for his own treatment. He recalled his magical experience about how the healers there had given him the best benefit. I checked up online for the Ayurmana review and found that the place boasted of glorious feedbacks. My life, at that point of time, was only about making a visit to the orthopaedic. I had no option other than this to try it out. Many of the doctors had suggested me to go for surgery, but I was reluctant to avail that option. I could not go anywhere, and it was becoming increasingly frustrating and depressing. I believed that the Ayurmana reviews would stay true to its words and give the desired result to me as well.

My Relation with Ayurmana

With a confused state of mind, I had set off for my treatment. My friend assured me of the best results, but still, my heart was dubious. Just as the reviews promised, Ayurmana took care of every minute detail. As soon as I reached the Thiruvananthapuram, I saw staffs were waiting to welcome and receive me. They were so amicable and polite in their demeanour that I was impressed at the very first glance. The place is atop a hill, and the sheer beauty of the place is enough to take anybody’s breath away. It just takes about forty minutes from the airport to reach there. Giving proof of the Ayurmana review, the tranquillity of the place will cure half of your problems the moment you cross the threshold. 
It took me some time to gulp down the serenity and the freshness of the place as the surrounding scenic beauty is mesmerising. I was indeed sceptic about the rooms because, at the end of the day, it is a hospital. But the room that was assigned to me was nothing less than that of a five star one. I realised that the Ayurmana reviews were not at all exaggerated and were true to the core. After freshening up, a staff came to take me to a doctor. He told me that the doctors there preferred to address themselves as healers.
The doctor started with a counselling session. I was baffled about how counselling would help my joint pains. With a smile, she told me that half of our problems are related to our minds and unloading our burdens would help me up to a great deal. She asked me about my life in detail, and soon before realising, I was spilling out all my problems to her. Later, she told me that was a speciality about Ayurmana. They start the process like this and then delve into the problem further.
After the counselling session, by the end of which I was feeling a lot lighter, she provided me with a daily schedule of what my days would look like. I had gone there for two weeks, and each day of the week as packed with meditations, massages and exercises. As suggested in the Ayurmana review, I was referred to a dietician after this. He was to give me a diet chart and told me strictly to be responsible for what I eat. Every step was done with such meticulous care that I was really impressed by their whole procedure. Everything was done in perfect hassle-free manners, and each one was a pro at their work.

The Beginning of the Treatment 

I never realised that my joint pains could actually lead to some other big problems. The joint warmth and joint redness, as my doctor said, would have lead to many severe problems later in life. I needed to follow a cleansing lifestyle, which included the balanced diet, yoga classes and even laughing classes. Many Ayurmana reviews have said that the place is capable of bringing a change in you in a very short span of time. After just one week, my conditions started to improve considerably. I no longer felt the intense pain while getting up from bed or while trying to stand up after sitting for some time. The exercises and the yoga that I had to do were easy and highly effective.

One thing that Ayurmana is famous for is its medicinal massages. The massages here are done with oils having medicative properties and work wonders on your body. I had the schedule of getting four massages a week, and not only it cured me of the joint pain, but also relaxed my body up to a great extent. After those four massages, I could actually confidently hold a glass without my fingers trembling and had to fear of getting my grip loose. The goodness of regular Yoga, as rightly mentioned in the Ayurmana review, works magic on a person’s health. Not only it helped to improve the condition of my bones, but also had a great impact on the cardiovascular system. With better blood circulation and perfect mental peace, my joint pain almost vanished by the end of two weeks.
Before leaving the place, my healer advised sticking to the diet as well as the yoga to never feel the pain again. Today, as I can walk without any hitch, I realise that the Ayurmana reviews so gloriously talk about the place. The place will shower you with all possible treatment for every type of ailments and, I guarantee you that you will come out with a new life.

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